Homecoming 2018

September 1-2, 2018

Some of your most memorable moments during your college years occurred at the campus house on the corner of Lake Ave and Mountcastle. Come help us celebrate and relive those moments! If you are planing on attending, let us know here!

Saturday, September 1

   10a - Brunch

   11a - Worship & Welcome

   12.30p -Afternoon Activities

                           UT Tour 

                           Mosaic Pottery

                         Farmer's Market @ Market Square

                           Board Games


   3.30p - Tailgating & Football Time in Tennessee

   6 p - Food

Sunday, September 2

   10a - Coffee & Conversation

   11a - Church

   12.30p - Lunch & The Celebration of 45 Years

   2.30p - Prayer & Dismissal